5 Reasons To Have More Sex

Want a health hit like no Other? it's as easy as getting naked...




TIP #1: ReduceS Stress

Research shows us that having sex reduces your stress levels and that the intimacy with your partner can help to reduce anxiety by increasing a chemical that revs up your reward and pleasure pathways in your brain. Let’s not forget the benefits that improved self-esteem and happiness can bring!





TIP #3: Lowers your blood pressure

Yes if you can believe it, sex actually lowers our blood pressure. The racing of your heart with flirting and teasing does a back-flip during sex with studies showing that regular sex reduces heart rate. Want a health hit like no other? It's as easy as getting naked... 



 Tip #5: Keeping It Regular

One of the best things about sex is that it facilitates us to have more sex. Sex actively boosts our libido and researchers (those lucky buggers) have found that it promotes happy hormones and neurotransmitters to give us a stronger desire to do it again. Along with this it helps to improve blood flow, natural lubrication and gives us that wonderful glow.




TIP #2: Improves Your Immune System

Sex boosts our antibodies. We are exposed to viruses all the time and the levels of antibodies in our system help us to defend against becoming sick. Researchers have found that people who have sex 2 times a week were less likely to get sick, had higher immune levels and took less sick days than their frigid co-workers. Along with this, increasing or decreasing your levels of sex during the week correlated directly to the same increase or decrease in your immunity.


TIP #4: Sex-ercise

It should come as no great surprise that sex can be a great cardio workout, or I guess some weightlifting could also be the case for some. Studies into sex and its benefits have shown that you can burn more than 5 calories a minute, making sex one of the best exercise routines. Getting creative can burn even more calories and workout other unused areas, so be sure to add this into your regular exercise regime and keep it consistent.