Totes Protes: How To Get More Protein Into Your Diet

The health benefits of protein are a no-brainer when it comes to increasing overall body nutrition.

Protein is a component of every cell in the human body. You need protein to make enzymes, hormones, bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, blood and other vital body chemicals.

Unlike our old frenemies carbohydrates and fats, the body does not store protein; so it effectively has no reservoir to draw from when protein levels are low.

A common misconception is that you can easily get more protein into your diet by adding protein powder to shakes or snacking on protein bars. It’s not a bad way - but the most effective way is to change your diet in the first place!

Switching the carbohydrate/protein ratio on your plate is a simple and effective way to immediately your protein intake. By building your meals around protein-rich foods – rather than the other way around – you will make a big difference.

By pre-preparing your meals at home in bulk, you’ll also resist the temptation to choose high-carb options for the working week. Try the following protein-focused meal ideas that are both simple, fast to cook, make excellent lunchbox-friendly leftovers and lunches…and are absolutely delish!


Burrito with eggs and beans

Quinoa with chai-spiced almond milk & cinnamon

Oatmeal blueberry yoghurt pancakes 


Amaranth and avocado Israeli-style salad

Quinoa chickpea power burger

Chicken, capsicum and almond bake


Barramundi with vine-ripened tomatoes and baby spinach salad

Chicken breasts stuffed with spinach and fetta

Lentil dahl with kale and coconut milk