Gluten Busters: Top 3 Wheat-Free Diet Hacks

If you have tested positive for a wheat allergy, one of the hardest parts is adjusting to this new way of eating. Here are my top 3 delicious wheat-free replacements for patients who have been diagnosed with Coeliac’s – or those of you interested in mixing up your diet.


Don’t let the name fool you, this is great wheat-free grain that is dense and will keep you feeling full. Buckwheat bread is a hearty replacement for rye, and the flour is perfect for baking.


When it comes to pasta the most common replacement is corn - yet this so processed that many people with sensitive gut claim this can be as painful as the real thing. For a lighter alternative, try cooking strips of zucchini - or 'zoodles' as they're commonly known - or look out for pasta made from soya or back-beans.


Gluten free pastries are an oxymoron, as it is gluten that gives dough its elasticity. Instead of the usual spongecake fanfare, you’ll have to make do with flourless cakes and friands which have an almond-meal base.

It's important to keep in mind...

As Coeliac’s disease is life-threatening, the danger of cross contamination can still be pretty real.

If you are Coeliac, don’t be afraid to ask restaurants if the oil that they are frying in is contaminant free.

If you're ever in doubt about the status of your allergy, chat to you GP and get tested.