3 Best High Protein Foods to Eat on the Go

There are many health benefits to be gained from laying the foundations of your summer fitness goals in winter.

It’s entirely possible to 10X your fitness results by changing your winter diet. These 3 super easy diet hacks will keep you eating right in a rush.

Remember: eat ‘little and often’ to keeping your metabolism humming throughout the cooler months.

Tip # 1 – Eggs

Eggs are a cheap, quality protein, chock full of nine amino acids vitamin D and choline, which improves muscle movement and liver function. If you’re struggling to eat healthy on the go, an all-day breakfast menu can give your body what it needs.

Tip # 2 – Lean Meats

Lean meats like chicken breast is another easily accessible food staple. When I’m on the run, I’ll grab half a roast chicken and ditch the skin.

Lean beef, like a good quality pub steak (hold the chips) has the added benefit of iron, zinc, and B-vitamins, which are some of the most important blocks in building successful muscle growth.

Tip #3 - Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese does wonders for the body as it’s almost entirely made-up of casein, a slow digesting protein, which is perfect for muscle growth throughout the day. You can eat it like yoghurt, load up a crisp-bread, bulk up your tuna, or cover it with honey & muesli.