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Top 3 Breakfast Smoothie Boosters

Skipping breakfast could set your body - and mind - goals backwards.

If you have to run out the door, try blending a smoothie full of everything you need to start the day just right.

Here are my top 3 smoothie boosters to get you through the day and thensome.

Tip # 1 – Nuts

Boost the protein of your smoothie with a handful of nuts, or 100% nut butter. My favourite smoothie nut booster is Brazil nuts - just 3 of these badboys contain your daily dose of selenium - which is great for immunity & fertility.

Tip #2 – Quinoa & Brown Rice

There’s no reason why your breakfast smoothie can’t keep you full all morning. Try mixing your regular protein supplements with a few tablespoons of leftover brown rice or quinoa. The combination of low GI carbs and protein will keep you feeling sustained for hours.

Tip #3 – Natural Stimulants

Jump-start your energy by adding antioxidant-rich green tea powder or a shot of coffee. Or you can speed up your metabolism by adding a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Ole!