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Winter Workout Hacks To Lose Weight

Is your winter body giving you the sads?

So many of us fall off the exercise wagon as soon as the temperature drops; however, the best time to work on your summer body is actually in winter.

Having a clearly defined summer body goal is essential in knowing which exercises to do in winter. When it comes to your fitness, are you looking to lose weight, build muscle or tone your current body shape? 

Tip #1 - Make Exercise A Part Of Your Every Day

Recent studies show ten minutes of daily exercise can give great results. Take a change of clothes to work and do stair climbs, hill sprints or even a fast-paced walk on your lunch break. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to go to the gym as often as you’d like, use the city as your gym.

Tip #2 – Get The Right Gear

If the cold weather is keeping you indoors, get into gear with the right training attire. Most mega department stores sell affordable basics, so look out for warm and lightweight layers. If you’re going to be running, make sure you invest in a good pair of trainers. You’re just a Northface puffer vest away from success.

Tip # 3 - Change Your Body’s Rhythm

The most efficient time to burn calories is first thing in the morning.

Some athletes fast before training, but you can cheat this by hitting the gym on an empty stomach first thing in the morning as a great way to target fat reserves. Try having a black coffee for some extra motivation, but make sure you stay hydrated.

These Supplements Will Burn Fat Whilst You Sleep! Meet L-Carnatine and Glutanine

L-Carnatine and Glutanine are a dynamic duo of amino acids most commonly available in powder form.

Here’s what you need to know about these #ubersupplements.

What Is L-Carnatine?

L-Carnatine comes from the amino acids lysine and methionine and helps the body burn fat as an energy source.

According to a 2013 study, a dietary supplement containing 500mg of L-Carnatine per day – along with combined exercise - resulted in a significant amount of weight loss in the participants. The results showed that an average of 400g of body fat was lost in just four weeks, without any participants changing their diets.

What Is Glutamine?

Glutamine is also a type of amino acid, aiding in your immune system’s function and muscle repair. What’s so good about glutamine is that it is converted into glucose in the kidneys, without affecting your body’s glucagon and insulin counts.

While Glutamine contributes to your body’s overall energy supply, it also bypasses the insulin-induced fat storage - which ultimately means your cravings for sugar are reduced. Pretty good right?

Glutamine supplements can minimize the breakdown of muscle whilst improving metabolism.