What is Party Pump?

Party Pump is a 10 minute workout that you can do alone or with friends.

You can do Party Pump in your living room, outdoors or wherever you like!

Party Pump is designed to get you pumped before a night on the town, but also makes the perfect fit night in. 

You won't need any special equipment to do Party Pump. As with any form of exercise, make sure you have water and a towel on hand after the workout is finished.


Where Can I Do Party Pump?

Party Pump is designed to be done anywhere with zero equipment, so you can get a full body workout - even when you don't have time to go to the gym.

Some of our exercises in the circuit use weights, but these can be substituted with whatever you have lying around the house to add resistance to your pump!

You could also try doing Party Pump on your lunch break, in a park, in your living room or pump out a cheeky session before that special someone comes over for Netflix and chill.


What To Wear Whilst Doing Party Pump

Each week, Dr Zac and friends will be dressing in theme with our BFFs.

Feel free to wear whatever you like - as long as it's lightweight and easy to move in (breathable fabrics optional).


When Does Party Pump Go Live?

New episodes will be posted every Saturday at 7pm EST on Dr Zac's Facebook and You Tube channels.

Check-in weekly with drzac.co for your weekly dose of pump action. 


Is Party Pump safe for everyone?

Party Pump is designed to be simple enough that anyone can do it; but if you have any concerns, its best to consult your GP.

Do not do Party Pump if you have any recent injuries or are pregnant.

As always, consult your GP before doing any physical activity you are unsure of.